Monday, July 9, 2012

Stories in Criminal Class, Savage Kick, book review, etc.

A brief update on written work. My first published short story, "Crooked," is available now in Criminal Class Review, Vol. 5 (Chicago). You can order it here. "Crooked" involves a weak-minded drug runner, his prostitute girlfriend, and their dealings with a crooked cop in an also-ran city.

Next up, the first story I ever submitted is finally coming out in the next few months via Murder Slim Press's literary journal, The Savage Kick #6 (United Kingdom). I'm pretty excited about this one, because Savage Kick's reputation among crime-noir-terrible-people writers is sterling, and the piece they're printing is the best story I've written. The story revolves around a bad and abusive father's accidental killing of his young daughter. 

I've also got a book review coming in the fall issue of The Historian, and am diligently working on a novella which I hope to finish in September.

Happy reading,